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In 1975, the Saint Louis Division of the Apostolate was established.  This was done with the permission and blessing of  John Joseph Cardinal Carberry .  Our mission was to promote the Message of Fatima.   Our first spiritual director was Father Arthur Leibinger Pastor of the now closed Holy Family church.  His successor became Father Albert Mattler.  For the past 25 years. Father has faithfully conducted the liturgical functions for the Apostolate.

The Apostolate meets at their Headquarters on the third Sunday of every month (except for Jan., May and Sept.).  During the meetings, there are discussions and plans on how to spread the Message of Fatima.

Two Vigils (Persecuted Christians Vigil and First Friday Devotions) are held each month at our Headquarters (6009 Heege in Affton, Mo).

In May, a nine day Novena from May 5th through May 13th  (the anniversary of the 1st Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima) is sponsored.  The novena begins each evening at 7 pm with recitation of the rosary followed by Mass at 7:30 pm.  A different celebrant is scheduled  for each evening’s Mass.  Novena is held at St. John Paul II church (formerly St. George) church). Church is located on Heege Road at Gravois in Affton, MO 63123. Novena

Twice a year, the Apostolate sponsors a one-day-pilgrimage (bus trip) where historical churches in and around the St. Louis area are visited.  To be notified by email of the next pilgrimage, please add your name to our mailing list.


  • President – Mary Broome
  • Vice-President. – Jesse Sarmiento
  • Secretary – Ramona Milford
  • Treasurer – Celeste Burke
  • Corresponding Secretary. – Theresa Forthmann
  • Sargeant at Arms. – Dan Burke
  • Father Albert Mattler – Spiritual Director
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